Chairman Takeshi Kaga (takeshikaga) wrote,
Chairman Takeshi Kaga

Tequila is overrated!

Oh, why hello!

Sorry I've been away, all. I became rather ill after eating some improperly prepared parrotfish. No worries, the chef has been, ah, dealt with.

Speaking of dealing with chefs, I'm so upset! I invited Rick Bayless over to spend Cinco de Mayo with me but, would you believe, he bailed on me at the last minute to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I am so hurt and offended. I mean, I thought we were *friends.*

I guess this means I've got to call Bobby up to get the enchiladas I'm craving right now. I really wanted Rick to make them, though, with his special espazote mole sauce.

On second thought, perhaps I will protest Cinco de Mayo. Who needs independence!
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