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Tasting and Judgment

The Theme Ingredient is - Awesome!

Chairman Takeshi Kaga
10 March
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If memory serves me correctly, when I was 7 years of age, I was chosen for the Kanasawa city boys choir, spurring my life-long interest in music, theatre, and flamboyant Liberace-like clothing. I became the first Japanese to perform the role of Tony in West Side Story," the first Japanese Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar," and the first Japanese to play Jean ValJean in Les Miserables. In 1980 I chose to focus on my film and TV work; however, I have since returned to the theatre.

*whispers from off-stage*

What's that?


Oh. Right.


Do I have to? I mean, I was trying to get away from that whole thing.


Right, of course.

I also played Chairman Kaga on Iron Chef.

This is ME, don't I look grand.


[This journal is part of a FAKE journal role-playing game called must_be_pop. I am not the real Takeshi Kaga. We all participate in this game for our own amusement, and no harm is meant at all to the actual celebrites. If this still isn't clear to you, please read this and hopefully it will clear things up a little bit more for you.]